41st International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology - ISSE 2018

"Research and Development Tendencies in Advanced Electronics Technologies"

  Zlatibor, Serbia, May 16–20, 2018




Zlatibor is a mountain region situated in the western part of Serbia, a part of the Dinaric Alps. Name ZLATIBOR (ZLATI=golden, BOR=pine) means "Golden Pine". On Zlatibor you can see many pine trees and that's the reason why people called this beautiful Serbian mountain as "Golden Pine Mountain". Situated at an altitude of just over 1,000 meters, Zlatibor is a climatic resort, characterized by a cool mountain climate, clean air, long periods of sunshine during the summer and a heavy snow cover in winter. Tourist facilities include modern hotels, holiday centers and cottages, sports grounds and skiing tracks.

In the Middle Ages, Zlatibor was known as Rujno, a župa that was part of Raška. The name Zlatibor started to be used in the 18th century, but its etymology is uncertain. It probably stems from the Serbian words zlatni (golden) and bor (pine). Pinus sylvestris var. zlatiborica is a subspecies of pine originating from the mountain, and is endangered today. The hill called Cigla near the village of Jablanica still has some borderline markings of the Kingdom of Serbia, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire.

Zlatibor is located in the northern part of the Stari Vlah region, a historical border region between Raška, Herzegovina and Bosnia. It spreads over an area of 300 square kilometres (120 square miles), 43 km (27 mi) in length, southeast to northwest, and up to 37 km (23 mi) in width. Its highest peak Tornik has an elevation of 1,496 m. Zlatibor is situated between 43° 31' N, and 43° 51' N, and between 19° 28' E and 19° 56' E.

The southern and the eastern border of Zlatibor are natural – the rivers Uvac and Veliki Rzav. Villages of Mokra Gora, Semegnjevo and Jablanica mark its western border towards the Tara Mountain. Southern part of Zlatibor, extending towards the Zlatar (mountain) mountain, is referred to as Murtenica.



Ratko Mitrovic Resort


The resort has congress center of the villa "Romanija", villa "Lovćen", villa "Serbia" and villa "Zlatibor", restaurant, summer garden, and salons for seminars, sports fields and gym. You can relax in the spacious rooms with a work desk, TV, mini bar, bathroom, hairdryer, safe, cable and wireless internet. All facilities are located half a kilometer from the center of Zlatibor, in a pine forest and offer exceptional conditions for rest and recreation.

  • Villa "Lovćen" is a resort with a capacity of 37 accommodation units with 104 beds in double and four-bed apartments.
  • Vila "Srbija" is a resort with a capacity of 19 accommodation units with 39 beds in single, double and four bed rooms and suites.
  • Vila "Zlatibor" is a resort with a capacity of 47 accommodation units with 88 beds in single and double rooms.
  • The villa "Romanija" is a resort with a capacity of 19 accommodation units with 39 beds in single, double and quadruple rooms and suites. The congress center of the villa "Romanija" has two halls:

- Conference hall in the basement capacity of 250 congress places and 36 conference venues and

- Congress on the first floor with a capacity of 250 meeting places.



Ulica sportova bb

31315 Zlatibor

Republic of Serbia


Location of resort Ratko Mitrovic: