41st International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology - ISSE 2018

"Research and Development Tendencies in Advanced Electronics Technologies"

  Zlatibor, Serbia, May 16–20, 2018

Welcome Reception

Participants are invited to attend the Welcome Reception, which will take place at Ratko Mitrovic Resort. This event is an excellent opportunity to network, meet old friends and colleagues, and to make new ones as the program begins.



On the way to Tara, there is one more attraction, ethno village “Drvengrad” (Woodtown) at the Mećavnik mountain. It was built by a famous movie director Emir Kusturica for the needs of making a movie “Život je čudo” (Life is a Miracle). The city offers couple of restaurants, galleries, cinema, church, souvenir shop and a national handicraft shop.


The Šargan’s eight (Šarganska osmica)

One of the most beautiful railways in the world, operated until 1974 near Zlatibor at Mokra Gora. Today, train is once again in operation as a tourist attraction. Steam locomotive drives through rocky gorges and narrow passages and with its track it forms an unordinary path shaped as number 8, and therefore is named Šarganska osmica (Šargan’s eight). The track is 13.5 km long, passes through 22 tunnels and over ten bridges and viaducts.


Ethno village Sirogojno

Open sky museum “Staro selo” (Old village) in Sirogojno is actually an authentic village from the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century and depicts the life of a country family. There you can find an exhibition which features old national architecture saved in villages of Zlatibor. All objects and household are authentic and taken into museum exhibition.


Stopica Cave and Gostilje

Stopica Cave is a river cave, the Trnavski brook runs through it. It consists of three speleological and hydro horizons: the occasionally flooded, the river horizon and the youngest one, the horizon of cracks. The cave has got an impressive entrance hole from the right side of the Pristavica river.

The most special feature of Gostilje is its waterfall, actually a whole formation of waterfalls, elevating to the altitude of about 20 meters.



Gala Dinner

All participants of ISSE 2018 are invited to the Gala Dinner which will be held in villa “Romanija” on Saturday 19th of May.